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Are you looking for a licensed and certified tree care company in Zilker? You have come to the right place. South Austin Tree Service provides quality tree trimming, tree removal, tree pruning and land clearing services to the people of Zilker.

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Our trained workers are always making sure each job is done under extreme supervision. We take safety seriously. Trees can be dangerous if they are not monitored where they fall during removal. Our team plans out everything before tree removal so you and people around you can be safe at all times. We believe in fast and safe tree service for the people of Zilker.

Our Services

Tree Trimming

Do you news to lighten the canopy of the tree in your yard before the storm seasons? WE can trim trees so some weight is removed from the tree. We can remove branches to initiate healthy growth in your trees.

Tree Pruning

As important as trees are, they can also bring a lot of trouble for some. The tree branches can be intrusive, they may shed a lot and dirty up your yard, fruit trees can stain your porch and driveway, shade from the tree prevents development of plants in your garden. In any of these situations, pruning can be quite helpful and if you need safe pruning, give us a call.

Stump Removal

Removing stumps can be a headache. The stumps take up space and block your yard, lawn, etc. Our team will remove stumps applying various methods and make the space accessible. It would be easier for mowing. You kids would be able to run around in the yard without stumbling on the stump everytime.

Emergency Storm Service

Do you need immediate help with your trees after a storm? South Austin Tree Service can help. We have an emergency team that can remove broken trees, provide tree cutting and tree removal services after storms on an emergency basis.

Tree Removal

Trees that are threatening their surroundings are dangerous and should be immediately removed. Tree roots that are harming foundations for buildings and houses, trees that are dead, trees that are damaged during storms need to be removed for safety reasons. Also if you need tree removal for instructure development, we are here for you.

Lot & Land Clearing

We do lot and land clearing for commercial and residential properties. We have a team that looks after all kinds of land clearing. If you need to clear a land ridden with wild vegetation or natural debris, we can clear it. Our team will mulch, remove trees, shrubs and brush from the area so you can use it without an issue.

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We have 30 years of tree care experience, working with some of the best arborists, and tree removal experts in Zilker. Our company prides itself for providing prompt and effective tree care that you can rely on.


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