Tree Pruning Tips

Lush green foliage and lovely, varied colored flowers are the indicators that your trees thrive. But it doesn’t happen in your garden on its own. It takes a bit of effort to hold them that way. Tree Pruning has an important part to play in tree care operations in South Austin.

It’s a job which experts have to perform. Pruning is based on scientific principles and therefore experts are required to do so.

But if you’re an enthusiastic gardener that wants to do it in-house, here are some tips. You shouldn’t forget that pruning is only possible in-house if the trees are low. You need professionals to make huge trees.

What Is Pruning All About ?

Before we jump to the pruning tips, let ‘s understand what pruning is all about? It is the process of removing specific portions of the tree; it might be dead wood, excess branches, or unevenly grown extremities. This effectively allows for better growth without thinking about unnecessary branching that would place a burden on the tree’s structure. When trees grow out of proportion they are a danger to the properties around them. Their growth is hampered by irregular growth, too.

Therefore you have to prune the unwanted material. Here are a few hints:

1. Climb the tree always with climbing spikes. Without this it may be risky.

2. Stop cutting off trees or leaves.

3. For pruning choose trees that are over a year old.

Call government departments for branches which are similar to the utilities. You should not take the risk of having them pruned.

You have got to have a legitimate reason to prune the tree.

In the growing season, often prune up to 25 per cent of the leaves.

Follow The Triple Steps

There is a three-step process about which companies are talking a lot about pruning. Not only is this method safe for the trees but it also improves growth.

Step 1 : Make the first cut out of the trunk, about one or two feet. It has got to start at the underside. Let go of around a third of the limb.

Phase 2: Now make the break from above. When it moves through the limb the branch is going to slip down. The cut doesn’t rip into the main trunk because of the inner cut.

Step 3: Now it is time to cut the collar on the branch. You should be wary of making this cut. It’s got to get there. If not done properly, otherwise the tree does not get fully healed. You will have problems with the production,

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