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Pruning is the most common procedure for any tree maintenance procedure. In the forest, a tree grows naturally and nature’s pruning is enough but as far as landscape trees are concerned they require a higher level of care to maintain their structural beauty and aesthetic beauty. For this, you require experts from Tree Service Company in Austin to do pruning for your trees in front or back yard. Each potential cut can change the growth of the tree, so no branch is removed without reason. The most common reason for pruning is to remove dead branches, to improve the look, and to reduce risk. There can be one more reason for pruning that is to increase the light and air penetration to the inside of trees or landscapes around.

Tree Pruning Service

Pruning Techniques Include

  • Removal of dead, dying, diseased and weak branches
  • Thinning to increase light and air penetration
  • Raising lower branches removed
  • Reduction to maintain form and structure

Proper pruning is required when the tree is young so that it grows with a strong structure and in desirable form. Such trees when growing into big trees require less corrective pruning as they have developed strong structures. Sometimes the tree must be reduced in its height or spread for utility line clearance. Without proper pruning, it is more likely that the tree becomes unhealthy and expensive to maintain. Poorly maintained trees become hazardous, with branches that break during a storm, have weak and shoots which interfere with traffic, pedestrian, and overhead wires.

When Is The Best Time To Prune a Tree?

Broken and dead branches and root suckers can be removed by pruning any time of the year. So take the right decision before the start of rainy reason as storm and snow can bring extra damage, proper pruning will take care of this problem.

Pruning during the fall and winter months encourages vigorous new growth in spring without disturbing its natural photosynthesis process.

Limited pruning in the spring season is ok. Little pruning will have less impact on future growth, but heavy pruning during this season may slow growth or also may result in dwarf tree growth.

Avoid pruning in spring to prevent damage to delicate young leaves and buds.

Find out how the trees in your yard response to pruning. Typically mature trees require the removal of dead branches and broken limbs. Some trees are benefited by the removal of some branches that may harm the health of trees in the future. Always try to consult a professional arborist before pruning a mature tree. Examine your tree regularly to conclude the health of a tree and its proper growth. Look for signs of potential problems like:

  • Are limbs of the tree dying at the end?
  • Is the shape of tree unbalanced that is leaning on one side?
  • Do leaves of the tree look unhealthy or they are yellowing, withering, blotched, and undersized or chewed by insects?
  • Are there any cracks in the trunk or branches?
  • Is there a sign of root rot? However, it is difficult to know that is the root decaying but potentially can cause a tree to fail. One peculiar sign of root decay is a mushroom growing near the base of your tree.

If you cannot determine the health of the condition of a tree then call an arborist for consultation as they are experienced and certified and will properly guide you about the matter.

Never do pruning like topping trees. Topping is when the main branch of the tree is cut back to a stub. This way of pruning:

  • It is bad for the health of a tree
  • Can make the tree less safe than if it is pruned properly by corrective measure
  • Ruins the natural beauty and grace of the tree
  • May even lead to a tree’s death.
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Topping is one of the worst things that you can do for the health of the tree. Topped branches respond vigorously growth of weakly attached branches that are more prone to breakage during stormy or windy conditions. Insects and diseases take undue advantage of trees increased vulnerability and stress. Topping either leads to immediate death in some species and reduced life span in others. A reputable arborist will never recommend topping. So do proper pruning which is a good choice and that will result in enhanced growth, beauty, safety, and life span.


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