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South Austin Tree Care Company is the most committed, full-service tree management organization you’ll ever come into touch with.

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South Austin Tree Service is professional, reliable and prompt with our services. We are a customer oriented company working towards providing the best experience to all our customers. For us safety and efficiency of work is a must. We take pride in completing the work on time and with efficiency. We are licensed, certified and insured and all our workers are highly dedicated people who know what they are doing.

Our Services

Tree Trimming

For the same justification that you frequently trim your hair, you need to trim your trees-you want them to look healthy! The leaves are uniformly spaced as the trees are clipped, so that they give a much healthier look. Branches overlapping other branches are not exactly fun to look at, but can be cut off. At South Austin Tree Service we will trim trees at an affordable cost.

Tree Removal

Tree removal might be needed if a company or homeowner wants to make use of the space either for construction or any other reason. Trees might also need removal if the tree is invasive. The tree might be hindering the growth of other trees, it might be dead or diseased. If you need tree removal we can help you with a safe tree removal today.

Lot & Land Clearing

If you need a lot of land clearing at your Travis County business or home give us a call. We clear all kinds of lands and lots.

Tree Pruning

If you need to make your property safe from dead and falling branches, pruning them on time is the best thing to do.Trees batches can be invasive, they can damage property by growing towards your roof or powerline. Such branches need to be pruned. At South Austin Tree Service we provide safe pruning by professional pruners.

Stump Removal

Stump removal is another thing we do for residences and business location. Stumps are of no use, they take up space and remove the whole purse of removing a tree. If you have removed a tree you must be able to use the and for other functions. By removing stumps you can do so easily.

Emergency Storm Service

We provide prompt tree service after storm damage. If there are any kind of tree emergencies you have, give us a call and we will reach you on time.

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We love trees, and have devoted ourselves to their protection and wellbeing. Unlike other tree care companies in Travis County, we regularly train ourselves on the new technologies and products of tree care. Our team uses only the best tree service equipment and on this side of the Texas, our tree service costs are the most affordable.

We are thankful to serve you wherever your home, company, or property is. No work is too big or too small for us, residential or industrial, we ‘re only here to serve Travis County, TX with our craft. Give us a call or request for a site visit to get a free estimate for any of the services.


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