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While the tree is appealing and creates a beautiful effect on the landscape, providing cooling effect are reducing your air condition unit power consumption but sometimes it does happen that you are asked to chop off the tree as it becomes unsafe on streets, especially if it is interfering with power lines.
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Tree stumps are unattractive on anybody’s garden area or lawn. It can be hazardous if you have kids around playing. Also, it’s a very good home for white ants, which is not safe for a house and also rodents which cause major harm in the long term. The stump may obstruct the driveway or may look ugly in your landscape. For all this cause you should think of getting rid of a tree stump at the earliest. For which you need to talk to tree servicing companies like the South Austin Tree Service to help you do the job safely and neatly. For removing a stump generally, you will require special equipment and tools as it’s a tough job to accomplish.

Some people think of getting an excavator, for which they also need to get the operator, and that’s like money down the drain, and also the job is not neat. If you think to use a shovel and dig the stump yourself unfortunately hand tools are not effective due to the thickness and depth of the roots. Since the stump is very hard to dig by hand, so the only left option is to call us we have experts who have proper knowledge and tools to get rid of the stump easily and effectively.

The professional stump removal service professionals deal with tree stumps only in a small amount of time and also save lots of your money which you need to waste to buy the latest equipment. Experts from tree service will have all modern equipment and safety gear to safely remove a stump from the lawn. After removing the stump they will do the cleaning too so you need not bother about the mess and scattered debris.

People Often Have Myths About Stump Removal Like

  • Paint-chemical so that the stump rots quickly and easily can be removed
  • Nitrate fertilizers make stump rot quickly
  • Burn the stump with kerosene, it becomes more hardened and dried
  • Using chainsaw on roots, don’t as a chainsaw is not designed to cut through earth and become blunt.

It is highly recommended that you should not involve in get the stump removed by your hand as besides being difficult it is very dangerous too. Machines throw the debris and stones can injure the operator. Tree servicing companies have proper tools and protective gear to do the difficult task, and they can do it faster as they are experienced and trained in this field. Just stump grinding has three different kinds of machines to deal with and all need experience to handle them. When you call our company we get the job done faster and get it done right. It is cost-effective and we do it efficiently.

Some Advantages Of Stump Grinding With Tree Service Are

  • Quick and efficient
  • Environmentally wise decision
  • Get a clean landscape
  • Getting rid of the unsightly thing
  • Growth of other trees will not have an issue
  • A tree stump can be dangerous for pets and children
  • A stump can be a big problem when cutting the lawn
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When we send our team for stump grinding we make sure that it is removed like it was never there. Also, we ensure that the job is done safely to ensure your property and surrounding remains protected. We take stump 6 inches below the ground and fill space with dirt and mulch. Lastly, we also take care of the utility approval process, which is necessary to get any time you intend to dig your landscape or lawn. We take care that we do not hit any cable or gas line, so extra care is taken as a precautionary measure. Only a fully reputable, insures, and certified company like the South Austin Tree Service should do stump removal service on your property to ensure safety and professional completion of the task.


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